Blind People Are Racist & They Don’t Want You To Know

I Know What You See When You Look At Me, Asshole: Nothing

Don’t pull that Stevie Wonder routine, your vacant and cheery smile doesn’t pull water with me. Your smug air of superiority permeates the air like the overcast day you’re totally oblivious to. I know that you’re judging me by the color of my skin, and I will describe it to you in order to confirm that.

I’m not going to meet you halfway about your prejudices. I hate bigotry, and I will fight it at every turn. I am a champion of equality for everyone who isn’t blind.

I’ve included an incredibly insensitive racist caricature drawn by a blind person below. It may give some ancient Southern belles the vapors so I’ve hidden it behind an incredibly technologically advanced click wall.

Click at your own risk, this is racy as hell
Obscene illustration of a Jew by a blind white nationalist

It’s no coincidence that a blind German is referred to as a “not see”. It rhymes with another group that tried to stand above all others. Virtually any sign in braille can be made into a swastika by rearranging the dots–coincidence?

If you think that I’m simply throwing punches downward that the blind won’t see coming, think again you ingrate. The American Sociological Association (or A.S.Ass., as I playfully think of them) released a study finding exactly what I’ve known all along: the blind hear my beautiful voice and correctly evaluate that I am a sexual deviant and failure.

Once you get glaucoma this is how you see all minorities. FACT

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