America’s Hungry, Poor Gather to Eat Bountiful Stock Market

Key sectors drip with flavor,
For the indigent to savor,
The table is set,
For the appetites we’ve whet.

Health & utilities,
Retail facilities,
Delicious minerals,
And delectable non-durables.
Oil futures and gold, the Euro and Yen,
All taste quite delicious, filling like hen.

Alas for poor Tavanish,
Who’ll stay fairly ravenous,
He picked out a tech stock,
Performing like a flaccid cock.

“Mum, there’s not too much meat,
For poor me to eat,
on this Tesla’s bones,”
young Tavanish moaned.

He scraped the tech company,
around on his plate.
“You’ll eat what you’re given,
Or you’ll share its fate!”

While her tone was a shock,
Indeed, it was true,
The red and white stock,
Looked more black and blue.

But the rest of the hungry,
The homeless and poor,
Feasted well on the market,
Thanks to the Orange Fuhrer.